Eclipse RCP plugin for Intellij

I read the article "Using IntelliJ IDEA for Eclipse RCP development". This will not assist me in editing the manifest & plugin files for different plugins the way eclipse do. I really do not want to us eclipse for obvious reasons. Is there anyone who knows of Eclipse RCP plugin for Intellij.

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In the end Osmorc will support development of Eclipse RCP applications. Right now I'm working on the OSGI part. Currently OSGI bundle dependencies are resolved and matching IDEA module dependencies are created.
Referencing and autocompletion of packages in manifest files is already implemented, but much more will come in the future.
Currently I'm working on getting target platform definition working.

Import your Eclipse workspace into IDEA, add an Osmorc facet to each module and it should be compilable in IDEA.

Take a look at ( ) and ( ).



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