How do I share dictionary settings for a project?

I read up on the available spellchecking options and I tried several methods without *team-wide* success. We share the project through github. Following recommendations I have these entries in .gitignore:


Note that I don't have an entry for .idea/dictionaries/,so that is shared. However - sharing this directory it seems to be completely useless unless all developers happen to have the same UID (name) on their local system? Even I myself - using two different systems (PC and laptop) - end up with two dictionary files under two different names.

The second method I tried was adding a "dictionary directory" and putting a file `custom.dic` in it. The problem: The entry is generated in `workspace.xml`, which is not shared (and should not be)!

So, how can I add a dictionary TO THE PROJECT (meaning anyone opening WebStorm who cloned that git project ends up using the custom dictionary)? 




Hi there,

Have a look at this similar topic. It may give you some answers or hints at least.


Did you forget the link?


Just like that user I have found that the only dictionary file under dictionaries/ that is used is the one called USERNAME.dic. I originally found out because the usernames on my laptop and on my PC are different, and adding words on one didn't help me on the other.

And as I  said, adding a dictionary directory setting adds it to workspace.xml, which is not shared (and not supposed to be shared).

For run/debug configuration settings you can select to "share this configuration" and it's put into a different config. file and not workspace.xml, this should be added to the dictionaries settings too. I think I'll add a feature request, seems to be very simple.


As I have stated there -- I have the same/similar situation .. and adding word to ignore list on one computer (in one user dictionary) will also ignore it on another (where another user name and dictionary is used). The only potential difference is that I'm syncing whole .idea folder between computers (if that's making any difference).

By just creating and placing similar dictionary file (e.g. "project1.xml") in the same location with different sets of words (while project is closed, so IDE knows nothing about this file in advance) makes my IDE to pick up words from there as well.


As I have stated here - not for me. I ran a lot of experiments. I added words that ended up in .idea/dictionaries/userA.xml but it doesn't help when I'm user userB. I just repeated the experiment to be sure.

In the process I even found that there is a file  


that keeps (nonsense) words I added fort testing even after I deleted them again from the actual custom dictionary.


I found a (the?) problem: The words in dictionaries must be lower-case and lower-case only.


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