ClearCase and IDEA 7.0.2

I am still using IDEA 5.1.2 because it has the best ClearCase support. I want to upgrade, but I haven't found a version yet that supports ClearCase as well. I downloaded and tried the trial version of 7.0.2. ClearCase works much better in 7 than any of 6.x releases, but it still doesn't match 5.1.2.

1) There is no configuration option for the Implementation of ClearCase as there was in the previous plugin. The previous version let you select CommandLineClearCase, NativeClearcase, NewNativeClearcase and TestClearCase. Which implementation is 7.0.2 using? I need to use CommandLineClearCase.

2) The ClearCase menu no longer provides a "Compare with Previous" option. I use this one extensively and would like to have it readily available.

3) Checked out files behaved oddly. I checked out a file in ClearCase. It turned blue (as it should). I closed IDEA then started it up again. The file was now brown indicating it couldn't be found in the repository. It may have eventually turned blue (not 100% sure) but why wasn't it blue immediately as it is in 5.1.2?

4) Their used to be a "History" option on the menu which showed the ClearCase history of a file (not the local history which the new "Show History" option provides). This one I used only occasionally, so it's a soft recommendation.

Are any enhancements in these areas planned?

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