Providing config via plugin

Hi there!

I want to provide intellij configurations via plugin. As i do have implemented somekind of maven enterprise repo, i want to share some internal settings, like default-Codestyles, templates etc. via an plugin.

So far i managed to get the livetemplates running, but now i am trying to set up codestyles. As i found an implementation approach, i would love to simply provide an xml within the resources of my plugin. As i do think the xml is easier to maintain and more readable as it is centralized in one file.

Furthermore i also want to share some templates too, but i haven't looked into that.

So basic question, is this even possibel to create such an "defaultCompanySettings"-plugin? Or would this take more effort to achieve this.

Thank you for your time!


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Settings repository plugin allows you to have shared repostory of settings.

But in your case it is not suitable, because such repo should be per "company", not per user.
There is not yet finished solution — ability to specify read-only repositories as additional sources of settings. So, you can store "some internal settings, like default-Codestyles, templates etc." in the git repository (file layout equals to IDEA local settings dir).

If you are interested in it, I can finish this task in a few days.

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well sounds great, but i would love to have everything a developer needs in one place. As it speeds up everything, and reduces boilerplate actions. We do have some internal plugins, for different stuff, like liveTemplates, Testing, Deployment-informations, etc. but those are all maintained by different persons, and i do not want to start merging them all together. just to have one repo to rule them all! :D

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i was wondering, is it possible, to configure the Settings Repository via plugin? so letzt say i have my company internal settingsrepositorySettings plugin, which depends on settingsrepository, but will do the basic configuration of it?

Just curious, and just a thought which came up in my head. did not look at the code or anything, but thought this would solve some issues as well :D


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