[ANN] CafeBabe Bytecode Editor plugin (ver. 1.0.0)

CafeBabe Bytecode Editor version 1.0.0 is available for download
using IDEA's internal Plugin Manager or directly from the IDEA plug-ins
website at http://plugins.intellij.net/plugin/?id=1810.

This plugin integrates CafeBabe Bytecode Editor with Intellij IDEA.

How to use it inside Intellij IDEA:

How to use Class Viewer/Editor

- Select class file in the files tree or click on "Open File" icon within plugin toolwindow;
- Activate context menu for the selected file;
- Select "Open in CafeBabe" item from the context menu;
- Class will be disassembled and represented in CafeBabe toolwindow;
- If you want to disassemble some method, navigate to methods list, select one method
and activate context menu. Follow "Go to method body" link. You will be redirected to
"Bytecode Editor" toolwindow;
- Now you can create/delete/edit bytecode instructions;
- In constant pool you can modify UTF strings;
- If you want to get explanation for a given instruction, click on Help icon.
- If you modified the file and then trying to save it, "Save as" dialog will be initiated, allowing you to save modified class.
- You can click on "Save as" icon any time when you want to save your modifications.

How to use ClassHound

- Click on ClassHound icon - new toolwindow will be open;
- In ClassHound toolwindow select archive, then package, class, fileld or method. You can select only package
or only package class;
- By double clicking on package, class, field or method - selected item will be loaded into Class Viewer/Editor.
If it's field or method, Class File Viewer/Ediror will be positioned on selected field/method;
- You can add new archive to the list of available archives - then you can explore it in standard way.


1. Added implementation of ClassHound service.
2. Added implementation of Save Class File function.
3. Bug fix: disabling initial openning of plugin toolwindow.

Alexander Shvets

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