Plugin Renaming Issue

In my most recent release, I changed the name of my plugin from "LiquiBase" to "LiquiBase Database Refactoring". I had made two releases under the old name.

The trouble I seem to be having is that when I go to the plug-in manager on an IntelliJ instance that has the old "LiquiBase" plug-in, it doesn't show there is an update available. I can download and install the "LiquiBase Database Refactoring".

When I restart IntelliJ after installing the new version, it throws a conflict error because it seems to be trying to run them both. I didn't create a new plugin in the plugin upload app, I just changed the name in the plugin.xml file.

I tried deleting out the old revisions from the plugin website, but that didn't seem to help any.

Is changing names something that's bad to do, or is there something I'm missing?

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The most simple thing to solve your problem is to add LiquiBase]]> to your plugin.xml. If you don't specify an id, then the name is used to identify your plugin. And obviously any name change has a bad impact of identifying your plugin. But after adding an explicit id your plugin is identified by this id an no longer by the name, so you're free to change the name to whatever you want.

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That looks like it fixes it. Thanks, I had missed the "id" attribute.


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