Bug in otherwise cool Groovy plugin


I am an old user of IntelliJ but new Grails. I am very much enjoying the Beta of the JetBrain Groovy&Grails plugin.

However, it has a fairly annoying bug that should be fixed before V1.0-- dependencies don't work.

If you Grails project depends on libraries or Java from other modules, the IntelliJ won't complain, but the .jar and .classes are not deployed and the application fails at run time.

Please feel free to move this, if there is a better place to report bugs.
Thank you


JetGroovy, the name of the plug-in in question, has its own forum: http://www.intellij.net/forums/forum.jspa?forumID=74

It's best to report all Groovy- or Grails-related issues there.

Randall Schulz

Permanently deleted user

Well, this is surely a bug, though it is not clear how to include classes outside the current grails module into grails classpath when grails (started externally with grails run-app) is invoked.


My work-around was to manually JAR my classes and then copy them and all external libraries to the grail-app lib directory. If nothing else, the plug-in could do that invisibly at deploy time.

I'm moving over to the correct forum now...


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