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I am trying to add Subversion support to my CVSRevisionGraph. I am finding it very difficult to get the information I need to produce a revision graph using the SVN API. Does anybody have any pointers on how to get the branching information from subversion using the SVN API? I know it is difficult, but possible since SmartSVN has it in their Pro version.

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I'm not quite sure if it will get you all the information you need, but the following command

svn log -v --xml <remote/local file/directory>

will output, in xml-format, all the revisions the file/directory has been a part in, including any moves (see the --stop-on-copy flag), back to the first time it was added to Subversion.

I'm afraid this won't give you information about branches/tags of the given file/directory. You can get this information if you do a svn log on the whole repository, but that could be a potentially expensive operation.

Actually this is exactly what SmartSVN is doing to create its revision graphs. It is also stated in its manual that this is an expensive operation.

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