Database Refactoring Plugin Options

I'm one of the developers on the LiquiBase project (, an LGPL tool for managing database refactorings.

We are looking to create plug-ins for various IDEs that will allow developers to refactor their databases in the same way that they refactor their Java code. The initial plug-in is Eclipse based, but what I really want is an IntelliJ version.

My question is if there is a standard database-explorer plug-in or interface in IntelliJ (maybe in 7.0) I could build off of? I've looked in the past and was not able to find anything beyond plug-ins like the "SQL Query Plugin", but I don't think you can make one plug-in dependent on another one being installed, correct?.

Adding refactoring support to an existing database explorer is fairly easy, but if I have to create an entire database browser that would make it much more difficult to get done. If you're interested in seeing what I'm trying to create, see

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You can declare one plugin being dependent on another one by adding this line to plugin.xml:


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That worked, thanks. Sorry for the delay in my response.


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