[ANN] InspectorGroovy, code inspections and quickfixes for Groovy in IDEA

Announcing the release of InspectorGroovy 0.1, a package of code inspections and quickfixes for Groovy in IntelliJ IDEA. InspectorGroovy extends IDEA 7.0 and the JetGroovy plugin, adding more than 90 new code inspections for Groovy issues. Issues found include

*Confusing code constructs
*Design metric violations
*Threading issues
*Exception handling errors
*Constructs replaceable as GPaths
*Probable bugs and invalid code
*Simplifiable control flow and assignment issues
*Code style guidelines
*Naming conventions

Future scope will include more inspections, more quickfixes, and more general coolness. Ideas for Groovy-specific inspections, and particularly Grails-specific inspections, gleefully accepted. InspectorGroovy is available via the IntelliJ IDEA plugin manager. InspectorGroovy is open-source, under the Apache 2.0 license, and the source is included in the installation. InspectorGroovy is submitted for entry in the 2007 IntelliJ IDEAL plugin contest.

--Dave Griffith


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