GWT Error After IDEA 7 Upgrade


I have just upgraded to IntelliJ IDEA 7, and suddenly I'm seeing this message in the Dev Shell window:

Errors in 'jar:file:/C:/JBLibraries/gwt-windows-1.4.60/gwt-user.jar!/com/google/gwt/user/client/impl/'
Line 56: The method createObject() is undefined for the type JavaScriptObject

Clearly the immediate cause is the IDEA upgrade, but the message seems to belong to GWT. Needless to say, gwt-user.jar shows no sign that it has changed.

When the message first appeared the project used to run OK, but I made the mistake of running a full rebuild to try to get rid of it, and now IDEA knows about the error and won't run the project!

Can anybody help with this?


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It seems this results from inappropriate GWT libraries, or possibly duplicated GWT libraries, being included in the module dependencies. After the transition from IDEA 6 to 7 the dependency list appeared somewhat munged, so I removed all the GWT libraries and just added back gwt-user.jar, and with a full rebuild everything is OK.



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