Maven support in Idea 7

I'm having nothing but trouble with the Maven support in the latest version (7.0.1) of Idea. Is it just me, or is it completely useless when presented with a multi-module project?

Some of the behaviors that I am seeing:

- Modules/sub-projects under a root project are never discovered, unless I comment out the "modules" section in the parent POM. If I do comment it out, Idea sees all of the projects as separate entities, but it causes problems with Maven itself (not the least of which is that doing a "maven install" at the command line no longer compiles all modules, which is understandable.)

- When I do comment out the "modules" section, all of the dependencies of my modules are ignored. The dependency list comes up empty and none of my imports can be resolved.

- The "Exhaustive search" option in the "New Project" wizard seems to do nothing. If I point at a parent POM directory with 1..n module directories under it, leaving this box unchecked I see only the parent POM listed on the subsequent screen. If I check this box, I also see only the parent POM listed on the subsequent screen ("Select Maven projects to import.")

- Once in a great while, "Select Maven projects to import" will display the module POMs and NOT the parent POM. In every case that I have seen, if I click "previous" and then "next" again to come back to the screen, the inverse is again displayed--parent and no modules.

- The "To import a Maven project" section in the online help references a wizard screen which I have never even seen: It shows a "Select profiles:" step after the "Select root directory:" step. I don't know what is up with this.

I am using Maven 2.0.7 and the Idea documentation does mention that Maven support was based on Maven 2.1, and that minor issues may arise if it is used with earlier versions. Since Maven 2.1 is not final, I am reluctant to move to it. Does Idea really consider complete incompatibility with modularized projects to be a "minor issue?"

Or am I completely alone? I'd like to know if anybody has been able to do this successfully without jumping through hoops. I feel like I'm using Eclipse--I'm not accustomed to swearing at Idea. :)

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I might have spoken too soon. If I avoid the New Project wizard altogether and just point "Open Project" at the parent pom.xml file, everything seems to work perfectly. I'm sure that there will be issues, but at least I'm up and running.

Ah. I feel like I am using Idea again. :)

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You troubles could have arisen on account of specific configuration of your project (such as usage of env.* properties). We have fixed bulk of such problems since 7.0.1. You may wish to try last eap release to see is problem still occurs.

If it does, could you please send you poms so that we could reproduce your problem. And we will do our best to fix it.

And thanks for you feedback!


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