Bug in CVS integration

There is a bug in CVS integration that was introduced between IntelliJ 6 and 7. Version 7 calculates branches incorrectly. If you have any tags on revisions in a branch, CVS integration plugin thinks the tags are additional branches. You can see this using my new CVS Revision Graph plugin or you can see this using the builtin CVS->Show History... You will see that the branches columns has an ellipsis showing invalid branch names.

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I am not using your plugin....
What I am seeing I am not sure is a bug, however the implementation
makes the show history unusable because it is ambiguous/unclear.

I have a branch 1_6
On by build.xml I force a commit with WinCVS.
I then tag it using WinCVS.
I used WinCVS ->Graph to confirm that I correctly placed the tag on the Branch and not on the trunk.
Using IntelliJ CVS Show History the tag
is properly associated with the version.
However, the tag doesn't have the branch name beside it,
which makes me think it isn't part of that branch.
I clicked 'show as tree' it just indents the version.

I welcome your Plugin because as of 7.02 EAP both the sluggish speed and crude implementation of CVS support in IntelliJ limits its usefullness.
(I do like the code analysis at checkin.)



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