[ANN] IntelliJad 0.5.3 released

Hi all,

the latest version of IntelliJad was just released to address a few minor but annoying issues while I work on the major outstanding problems.

- The configuration settings are now persisted in alphabetical order to reduce diffing issues with project files
- The console now pops up when something noteworthy happens.

Thanks to all for the ongoing feedback.

- Steve

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A bug: If I open IntelliJad Project dialog (from Project Settings dialog), all controls in IntelliJad tab are enabled even the "Use project-specific IntelliJad settings" check box isn't checked yet. And if I move the mouse over the check box, all other controls will be disabled.

A suggestion: If possible, "hack" IDEA to display the source code of a method (only when it needs to decompile) by pressing Ctrl + Shift + I

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The project dialog bug is fixed in release 0.5.4.

For the second point - you mean not decompile the entire class, but just the method that's required for debugging?


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