Formatting problems

I'm trying to update my formatter to be able to format nested Clojure data structures in an intelligent way, but I can't get it to work. I'm seeing large amounts of spurious whitespace inserted, and generally things not obeying the constraints I've set.

A little bit of background - Clojure maps are delimited by {} braces, and are a series of key/value pairs. Keys are normally keywords, which start with a colon (e.g. :namespace). The blocks created for a map use an indent of 1 so they line up inside the braces, and the values are also aligned using a shifting alignment. Here's a simple example of what this looks like:

{:as        #<ClEditorSymbol psi>,       
:namespace #<ClEditorSymbol plugin.psi>,
:spec      #<ClVectorImpl ClVector>}

So far so good. However with more complex structures this breaks down in non-obvious ways:

{:clauses                                                   [{:as        #<ClEditorSymbol psi>,
                                                              :namespace #<ClEditorSymbol plugin.psi>,
                                                              :spec      #<ClVectorImpl ClVector>}
                                                             {:as        #<ClEditorSymbol ast>,
                                                              :namespace #<ClEditorSymbol plugin.ast>,
                                                              :spec      #<ClVectorImpl ClVector>}
                                                             {:as        #<ClEditorSymbol str>,
                                                              :namespace #<ClEditorSymbol clojure.string>,
                                                              :spec      #<ClVectorImpl ClVector>}
                                                             {:as        #<ClEditorSymbol app>,
                                                              :namespace #<ClEditorSymbol plugin.application>,
                                                              :spec      #<ClVectorImpl ClVector>}
                                                             {:as        #<ClEditorSymbol format>,
                                                              :namespace #<ClEditorSymbol plugin.formatting>,
                                                              :spec      #<ClVectorImpl ClVector>}],
:require                                                   #<ClListImpl ClList>}

Once this starts happening, I also see other strangeness such as the values not being correctly aligned. There's an example of this attached, it's too big to insert here directly - note that the values of the top-level map are not aligned - those from sub-maps are.

Any ideas what might be causing this? I've checked with the PSI viewer, and as far as I can tell the blocks are being created correctly. Any tips as to how I might debug this are very welcome.

Edit: the forum software is doing some strange things to the initial line indent, but both these examples are taken from the attached file - you can see what it actually looks like there.

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I've attached another example, from a REPL session where adding one item to the map (:classes  [#<ClEditorSymbol java.util.Map>]) causes the whitespace issue to resolve itself.


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