Plugin settings / configuration / preferences example?

I would like to add some very basic preferences or settings to my plugin, which the user would be able to change from the IntelliJ Preferences window. I found this tutorial/instruction:

But it seems like the applicationConfigurable sample plugin was removed from the project sometime in November, 2014 because it was bad and/or obsolete.

Is there a replacement for this document and its sample code somewhere? Is this method no longer valid for storing settings?


The Configurable API used by this plugin is still valid. You can find tons of examples of its usage in the IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition source code and in other third-party plugins.

For documentation on storing the settings, please refer to this document:


Could someone update that document with some information about how to arrange configurables in the new v14 layout? I'm finding that my settings panels are now all found under Other Settings at the bottom, and my IDE and Project settings are separate, not grouped together like the other settings are. I haven't had time to investigate this so there's probably a simple solution, but it would be good to have it in the doc.


Ok, sounds good. I will use Configurable and seek out some other examples of its usage. Thanks.


I want add the  settings option the ui of my plugin. I have used ToolWindowFactory this for the showing the UI. Please tell how to add menu like the default settings menu of my Window factory has. I want to add two actions in my ui icon. I tried using toolWindow.setTitleActions(List.of()) but this would set the icons side by side. I want one icon independent and other icon should have two actions options. 


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