[HOWTO] XDebugger default tab selection (Console)

My debugger implementation based on the xdebugger api seems to prefer selecting the Console tab by default instead of the Debugger tab. i.e. every time i start a new debugging session, the debug toolwindow shows the Console (which is empty in my case). I would rather see the debugger tab with the frames/variables/watchers. Is there a way to decide which tab is to be selected by default, or even decide whether the console tab is to be shown or not?
Appreciate any hint.

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you need to override XDebugProcess#createTabLayouter method and return your own implementation of XDebugTabLayouter, where registerConsoleContent is
overridden and call the following method from it:

ui.getDefaults().initFocusContent(DebuggerContentInfo.FRAME_CONTENT, LayoutViewOptions.STARTUP);

Nikolay Chashnikov
"Develop with pleasure!"

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Great! Works! Thanks a lot


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