InspectorGeneral: Inferring nullity annotations on larger scopes?

I want to infer nullity annotations on my entire project and I seem to
have forgotten how to do that.

If I invoke the action when the focus is in the editor, I can choose
between the current file and all files in the same directory, possibly
recursively. "Entire project" is not available.

If I invoke the action when the focus is in the project tree, I get the
same type of option.

I can invoke the action by right-clicking on a module or a source
folder. Then I can at least get one source path fixed at a time, except
that InspectorGeneral wants to do something to my Subversion files and
other files that are under the same source path, not only the actual
.java files.

I can NOT invoke the action when selecting a module group or selecting
multiple modules, so even if the above worked, I'd have to infer
annotations once per module (and possibly repeat the task several times
in order to propagate annotations between dependent modules?).

I don't want to infer annotations automatically when I check in, because
I want to preview the changes before checking in (especially for other
changes such as rationalizing control flow).

What am I missing?

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