[ANN] HandyTapestry 1.2

HandyTapestry 1.2 released

If you develop a Tapestry web application using IntelliJ Idea then try HandyTapestry plugin!

The HandyTapestry plugin for IntelliJ Idea helps you to develop Tapestry web applications faster. The plugin adds helpful completions and navigations in the HTML template. The Create Tapestry component dialog helps to create components. The plugin supports Tapestry 4.0 Read more...

The HandyTapestry 1.2 adds many features to increase your productivity and find errors in component templates. Read more...

What's new:
  1. Generate abstract getter and setter in a component class:
    • Press Alt-Insert in a component class and select the "Tapestry component property" action.
    • Enter property name, class and press the Ok button.
  2. Error highlighting in component template: message keys, invalid jwcid attribute values (component types), listeners, Tapestry components with unspecified required parameters.
  3. Increase your productivity with Tapestry intentions: create listener, message key, Tapestry component property:
    Add component attribute like action="listener:save" and press Alt-Enter after IDE marks the "listener:save" string as error. The Idea will suggest to create listener!
  4. Rename Tapestry component action: Right click on a component template and select the "Rename Tapestry component" action from menu.
  5. Component attribute completion: required attributes marked with red dots.
  6. OGNL completion and highlighting fixes.

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