[ANN] MKS plugin 0.6 available

View Changes ignores IDEA ignored files
Most MKS actions now applicable on multiple targets (Actions will only be available if applicable on the current selection)
MKS Change Packages viewed as IDEA ChangeLists in the changes view. Depending on the MKS server, this may be slow to refresh
Suppressed GlobalChanges action as it is now handled by the IDEA Changes view
MKS project files are properly ignored
MKS Changes integration : encoding support per si CLI MKS commands (different commands seem to use different encodings) see the configuration. On windows (france) encoding seems to be IBM437
Files locally modified (without checkout) are distinguished from properly checked out ones. Files need to be moddified (and not just locked) IDEA 7002+ compatible, tested with 7.0M2 (7123) bugfixes

Detailed changelist http://code.google.com/p/ideamksplugin/issues/list?q=Milestone%20Release0.6&can=1

Known issues : if the mks server is down, plugin will keep trying to connect, popping up annoying MKS windows every 10s or so

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