[ANN] FileBrowser 1.5.0


Here's a new version of FileBrowser with the following changes:

  • Fixed Bug: Deleting a file while in "Autoscroll from Source" mode in FileBrowser sometimes caused an Exception.

  • Added actions to go back and forward in the browsing history. Default keys assigned are like in the rest of IDEA CTRLALTLEFT and CTRLALTRIGHT

  • The shortcuts for the actions "Go To Parrent" (default: LEFT) and "Activate selected file or folder" (default: RIGHT or ENTER) can now be changed via IDEA's keymap settings

  • Displaying the parent in the file list can now be switched off in FileBrowser's application settings (File -> Settings -> IDE Settings -> FileBrowser)

  • It's not possible to navigate to the list of roots from within the file list anymore. Currently only by using the "Go To" action the root can be changed. A roots-menu will be added soon.


P.S.: I'm on vacation for the next two weeks (without Internet access). So any questions or bug reports that come up during this time, will be answered when I'm back home.

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