[ANN] Dilbert Daily Strip Plug-in 1.1.0 for IDEA 5.0 or later

Main changes from 1.0.1 :

Fix: If IDEA is configured to send authentication information to an HTTP
proxy then the authentication information is sent pre-emptively,
avoiding problems with proxy servers that fail to respond with HTTP
status code 407.

Fix: The strip is fetched asynchronously rather than synchronously in
the AWT event dispatch thread.

New: Strips may be scheduled for automatic daily download.

Tested with IDEA 5.0, 6.0 and Selena EAP builds up to #7065. There are
a couple of problems specific to Selena:

- there's some extraneous space between toolbar buttons in (what happen
to be) adjacent toolbars, caused by the UI component returned from
ActionToolbar.getComponent() being 12 pixels wider than with earlier
IDEA versions;

- the keyboard shortcuts registered for the plug-in actions don't work.

Mark Scott

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