Compile project source - Program Runner

My idea plugin, am adding run/debug configurations.

<extensions defaultExtensionNs="com.intellij">
    <configurationType implementation="<my-impl>" />
    <programRunner id="Run" implementation=<my-impl>" order="first"/>
    <programRunner id="Debug" implementation="<my-impl>" order="last" />

Once my source code is changed, for subsequent run using my run configuration, changes should apply.

How can I achieve this.  

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What do you mean "changes should apply"? What kind of changes?

If your configuration runs Java code, then you need to make sure that it implements the RunProfileWithCompileBeforeLaunchOption interface (for example, by inheriting from the ModuleBasedConfiguration base class). Then the "Make before launch" option will be supported for your run configuration, and the Java code will be automatically compiled before the launch.

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Thanks for your answer.
"change sould apply" I meant what the logical changes I do in the program, that we see from outside when program runs.


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