Opening a web view from a plugin

Is there any documentation or examples available showing how a plugin can display a web page within IDEA, either as a tab or dialog?  I am specifically trying to load up a local web project at known location in the file system.  Also, once open, is it possible to change the url that the embedded browser points to programmatically?

Thanks in advance!

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IntelliJ IDEA's API does not include any embedded browser support. The only good solution for embedding a browser into a Swing application is JavaFX's JWebPane, but it is not available in JDK 6 on Mac OS X, with which IntelliJ IDEA still has to maintain compatibility.

You can try to use JXBrowser (, but it's a commercial component, and you'd need to buy your own license in order to use it in your plugin. Also, we have no idea how well the recent versions work.

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Hi, I'm trying to do same thing with Mark. Is there any way to do it now?


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