Create project template extensions using "user defined" templates

I'm creating a plugin which will introduce new project templates to new project creation wizards.

As I have went though the idea community edition source code,
I found a perfect example for project tempate extenstion point usage.

<projectTemplate projectType="JAVA_MODULE" templatePath="resources/projectTemplates/Java/"/>
I was able to replicate the same and introduce a new project template by extracting the zip file and customizing it.
How ever my templates will be little more advanced than a standard hello world template. 
So am looking at a easy way of using user defined templates.
I have two questoins.
1. Is it possible to save some ant/maven project as "user defined" and use them as project templates for the plugin.
2. Where are user defined templates are stored
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Hi, user templates are stored in your {home}/.IntellijIdeaXX/config/projectTemplates folder. If you create a template from Maven-based project, maven configs should be detected after creating new project from the template, not sure about Ant.

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Ant I found that, there is a ant configuration file inside the .idea directory which points to the build.xml file I have pointed to Ant Build tool window.

Once I save the template all I have to do is get the ant.xml file included.


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