Want to create a IDEA plugin for new tool

I'm developing a new BDD framework on the top of junit that requires some post-compilation processing.
This processing is done throuh the execution of a maven plugin.

For eclipse I've created a m2e connector that will pass the just edited files to the maven plugin.

How can achieve the same using IDEA?
Is there some sample code or open source project where similar functionality is demostrated/present?

Maven plugin: http://bmsantos.github.com/cola-maven-plugin 
m2e connector: https://github.com/bmsantos/m2eclipse-cola


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Hi Bruno,

You'd need to write a builder which integrates with IntelliJ IDEA's JPS build system, which is unfortunately not really documented right now (working on that). I don't think we have any existng JPS builders that call out to a Maven plugin directly, but we do have a fairly simple example which calls out to an external proces that performs a similar kind of instrumentation. Hope this helps:



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