[ANN] FileBrowser 1.1.0

Here's another update of the FileBrowser-plugin.

This update brings basic copy/paste and move functionality. In order to implement this, multiple interval selection was enabled on the file list. Select the files that will be copied or moved to another folder, right-click into the list and execute the "Mark" action. Now change to another folder and execute "Paste" or "Move" from the context menu.



Next question -- which may more may not imply (yet) another feature:
Which key strokes do what when I am in the browser?

  • right arrow goes in to a directory

  • left arrow goes up a level

  • the enter key opens a file

anything else? or is it all mouse clicks?


Hi Charles,

Yes, that's the list of currently available key strokes in FileBrowser. Naturally you also get the default JList key strokes cursor up and down to move the cursor in the list.

I will enable shortcut definitions for all FileBrowser actions in the next update.That is currently not possible because the actions are created by IDEA's PicoContainer and not the actions system. Therefore they aren't automatically added to the keymap.



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