How to override project name / location in class that extends JavaModuleBuilder


We are on our last mile before releasing a new version of the Go plugin but there's one big issue that we still have which should be fixed before doing so.
We support creating or downloading Go packages but in the last step of the dialog, which should just be prepopulated with the information we already have, there doesn't seem to be any way to actually override those settings.
You can view the discussion here:
As far as I'm concerned, we can also just skip showing the last step of the wizard as we already have the information needed to properly setup the project directory structure.
Since my time to play around with this is fairly limited and Alexander seems to be stuck as well with this particular issue, can someone else please provide us some guidance to solve this?
Thank you very much for your time and help.

Kind regards

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Bump? Anyone that has any idea on how to solve this?
Thank you.

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Why does your class extend JavaModuleBuilder in the first place if you aren't building a Java module?


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