IdeaSpring - is it still maintained?

Hi, I am trying to use IdeaSpring, but it does not seem to work correctly.

I am using Idea 6.0.4 and have downoladed IdeaSpring v1.3-EAP4
This is the latest version, marked as beta, dated Dec 28 2006.

The only feature that works is displaying Beans and Graph.
Things that would be really useful - xml file navigation, references auto-completion etc do not work at all. There are no errors nor exceptions in the logs.

Can it fixed?



The only feature that works is displaying Beans and Graph because IdeaSpring v1.3-EAP4 has expired. I plan to release v1.3 next month.


Will the 1.3 be a free upgrade for those of us who paid for the 1.2 version?


Well, I have tried IDEA 7.0 M1 with Spring support integrated and I would say that IDEA beta is already more stable than the plugin was for me, so if you need Spring functionality - just give new IDEA a try.


Yes I agree, I've been using M1 for a day.

I was very much disappointed with the IdeaSpring plugin, especially having paid money for it. It never seemed fully ripe. I was waiting to express outrage if the plugin upgrade required more money from me.


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