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Hi I watch the recording of webcast on
How to Build Developer Tools on Top of IntelliJ Platform

I'm working for a company who provide rest api for developers to access mobile network resource like sms, ussd and charging.

I was thinking of creating a IDE based on IntelliJ platform, brand it and distribute it as of our own. For all developer community who use our apis.

How ever I want more technical assistance on building framework specific IDEs on top of Intellij platform.

Please assist.

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So what are your questions?

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Here are my specific requirement in very low level. But what I actually meant was more specific resources on this area. Like tutorials, webinars on writing framework specific IDEs on top of IntelliJ IDEA.

Following is the dev kit we provide for developers.

Ultimate goal is to provide an IDE which combines all simulators, apis and integrations support included. (Not to mention brandings.)

Basically our framework specific IDE wants following features

1. Create new projects
    When i click on create new projects, ussd, sms, charging project templates should be shown in the new project wizard.
    Created new project as such , should include the java libraries that we provided to the developers (We provide a simplified rest client library to developers with marshalling, http client error handling), added to classpath of the project

2. Distribute as standalone services, war files for tomcat and other java related web containers

3. We provide developers a web based simulator to simulate sms, ussd , charging events recieved to users mobile phone -
    with this IDE we want to provide inbuilt simulator

4. Thourgh IDE developers should be able to host their application to our cloud, remote debug them

5. Developers should be add our framework support for their existing projects

6. Branded accordingly.

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AFAIK, there is no tutorials/webinars on writing framework specific IDEs on top of IntelliJ IDEA.
Most information comes from looking for (open source) code of IntelliJ Idea Community Edition and Android Studio
and asking particular questions on forum.

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Hi , this is helpful information, I guess using the community edition source code and modifying it to cater my requirements will be the best fast track for me.


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