Grammar-Kit 1.20 not generating parser into "gen" directory

I just updated IDEA CE to 14 and then had to update Grammar-Kit to 1.20 as a result.  After doing so, my generated parser classes are now going into my primary "src" directory instead of my "gen" directory.  I see that one of the recent enhancements to Grammar-Kit is auto-detection of the generated source output directory, but to me it seems to be detecting the wrong directory.  Is there some way I can force it to use my "gen" directory for generated output again?

By the way, otherwise IDEA CE 14 and GK 1.20 seem to be generating a parser successfully that works as a custom language plugin in the newer version, so that's good!

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Never figured this out entirely, but I used it as a push to implement an ant-based build for my plugin that generates the parser and lexer when they're out-of-date into the generated source directory automatically.


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