[Ann] GuiceyIDEA 1.0: Guice support for IntelliJ IDEA

Sixth and Red River Software is pleased to announce the release of GuiceyIDEA 1.0. GuiceyIDEA adds support for Guice, Google's new annotations-based application container, to IntelliJ IDEA. With over twenty-five code assists, inspections, refactorings, and quick-fixes, GuiceyIDEA makes application configuration in Guice even easier and safer.

With GuiceyIDEA, you can

*Find Guice errors at compile-time, instead of run-time
*Migrate simply between annotation-based binding and explicit binding
*Quickly generate Guice modules, providers, annotations, and interceptors
*Manage Guice scopes cleanly and safely

Going forward, future GuiceyIDEA releases will include

*Guice-specific refactorings
*Wizards for creating and managing Guice bindings
*Graphing and display of Guice module configurations
*Automatic download and setup of Guice libraries within IDEA

GuiceyIDEA requires IntelliJ IDEA 6.0 (although a backport to 5.1 is planned). A single user license of GuiceyIDEA is available at http://www.sixthandredriver.com for $29, and fourteen-day evaluation licenses are also available.

Sixth and Red River Software
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