[ANN] NaviActionPad 0.7

Here's a new release of NaviActionPad, a plugin that allows fast navigation in a project and the execution of actions on the elements of a project.
Only actions that make sense for a specific element are shown in NaviActionPad.
This release changes the way NaviActionPad recognizes the affected element. It's now more predictable than before.
Please visit the homepage for this plugin ( http://naviactionpad.beeger.net/ ) for a walk through.
This release works with IDEA 6 and with current IDEA Selena builds.

Here's the complete list of changes in this release:

  • Added an icon for NaviActionPad's configuration

  • Added a new IDEA action that brings up NaviActionPad with the list of actions available for the selected element

  • Note: Ihe id of the up to now sole action in NaviActionPad has changed. You will need to reassign the key mapping in case you have changed it.

  • Reworked entry point recognition. It's more intuitive now. When the cursor is inside a method - no matter if it is on some element or in some whitespace region - NaviActionPad will show up with that method selected.

  • Removed navigation to local variables and method parameters.Only directories, classes, methods and fields are navigatable.

  • Option to group directories in the list added

  • The list of actions is now also sorted

  • Fixed bug: Navigation points for superclass members used the superclass as their contexts. Now they use the class for which they are listed.

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