Which Java version should plugin authors target for plugin languages targeted at IDEA14+


After I've did a refactoring on the plugin I'm working on, other collaborators sent messages that they are still using Java 6 + IDEA 14 and that they can't compile it anymore.
There's also a couple of features that we could better make use of from switching to a newer Java version like 7 or even 8.
I know that Mac users are still using Java 6 (or at least most of them, no?) but, stll, Java 6 has ended support almost one and a half years ago and I've seen there's an attempt to ship out IntelliJ IDEA bundled with Java 8 for Mac.
If this question has been answered or addressed already then I appologize, can you please paste the link here?
Thank you.

Kind regards

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Unfortunately there are still some serious bugs on Java 7 and 8 on OSX, see: https://intellij-support.jetbrains.com/entries/27854363-IDE-doesn-t-start-after-updating-to-Mac-OS-Yosemite-or-Mavericks. Note that although that document is over a year old many of the comments are very recent.

In particular, this one: https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8041900 is pretty much a show-stopper for me and is set to be fixed in JDK 9?!?! So I'll be on JDK 1.6 until 2016 probably.

I'd like to apologise on behalf of Oracle.

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And if you'd like to have access to more language features than what Java 6 provides, consider using Kotlin for the development of your plugin. :) Especially with the new platform types introduced in Kotlin M9, writing IntelliJ plugin code in Kotlin is quite a pleasant experience.

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I hadn't seen the platform types, that does look quite nice, although it seems like integrating it with the new nullity inference engine in v14 would be even nicer :-)

How good is the Java->Kotlin converter for existing code? I guess it won't always create idiomatic code, but does it at least create working code?


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