How to controll which Jar is loaded in IntelliJPlugins

Hello folks,

I have a Plugin that provides JARs for differentPlattforms (f.e. win32, win64, linux, macos).
How to ensure that the right JAR is loaded?

My first attempt was to write a Classloader that dynamical loads the correct JAR on runtime. This would work fine in theroy   - except it don't. I figured that the PluginClassLoader would load all JARs at start, and than I try to load the "right" JAR in my Pluging code - apparently to late.
Since there is no way to have any code execuded ( right?) before the PluginClassLoader loads all dependend JARs - what is the way to go? How to tell the Pluging which JAR should be used?

Thanks for your help and input

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You need to put the platform-dependent jars in a directory other than the "lib" directory, and to load them yourself.


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