[ANN] HandyTapestry Beta 3

HandyTapestry Beta 3 is available!

If you develop a Tapestry[/url] web application using IntelliJ Idea then try HandyTapestry[/url] plugin!

The HandyTapestry plugin for IntelliJ Idea helps you to develop Tapestry web applications faster. The plugin adds helpful completions and navigations in the HTML template. The Create Tapestry component dialog helps to create components. The plugin supports Tapestry 4.0 Read more...[/url]
What's new:

1. Removed limitations of working from 1 March. Previous versions show messages about expired license, some functionality doesn't work from 1 March, 2007.
2. Delete component action
3. Create component actions moved to separate group
4. Class, script of the created component are created by template
5. Improvements of the Create component dialog
6. Improved license management: license dialog on project open, view / replace license in the HandyTapestry settings
7. Fixed NullPointerException in the ExpressionEval.eval() method

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