Compiling My Module?

I'm having some trouble understanding exactly how compilation works.  I've been looking at various sample plugins and have various things implemented.

1) I have a module type/builder and can create my module, however I don't get the standard Sources/Paths/Dependencies component?  I would like the standard sources tab with a speciifc language level drop down, I don't need the paths and I would like the standard dependencies tab.

2) I have a facet type and can add a facet.

3) I can also create an SDK but not sure if I need to?  My module UI doesn't have anything except the module name?

4) I have developed a JPS builder plugin but I'm not sure how to get it to be invoked for my module.

My thought is this.  Its a cloud-based compilation process.  So i want to hook into the standard build process to build the files that are contained in my module sources that have changed.  I would like to do this based on facets I have configured.  IE: I can create a facet that hooks to different endpoints and the compilation process will run once for each facet and allow me to push it to each configured endpoint in the facet.  Currently it seems as though I can only configure one facet but would like to configure many, like the Web facet plugin.  In fact I want this to work much like the GWT facet, where in the facet I pick my configured endpoint instead of the GWT installation directory.  Then during compilation I'll compile for each facet.

Eventually I would like to have code completion/highlighting etc...  To do that do I need to have an SDK configured?  I will probably have many questions around this so I'll defer this to a later thread, right now I'd just like to get the multiple facets and the compilation process working.



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