Can I delay the jboss plugin from trying to interact with the server?

When I launch JBoss, the jboss plugin appears to wait a couple seconds, then start trying to invoke remote JMX calls on the server to get the deployment state of the server. That's cool.

But unfortunately, we have a custom JAAS module which relies on some session ejbs for accessing user objects from the database. When the jboss plugin starts pinging JMX, it triggers authentication calls to our JAAS module, which fail because the our ejbs aren't deployed yet. So basically we get a whole bunch of exceptions in the console, until the server finishes starting up.

Would anyone recommend a remedy? Is there a way to delay the plugin? Or is there a way to delay deployment of our security module until after all the ejbs are deployed? Or is it just really bad form to call ejbs from a JAAS module?

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No, currently there's no possibility to delay this interaction. And I don't see any way to introduce this. The right way would be to wait pinging the server until your EJBs are deployed completely. But in order to determine the state of your EJBs we would have to to some JMX calls...

The only way which could work from the plugin's point of view is to block the JNDI port (1099 by default) until your EJBs are deployed. But I'm quite sure this would cause a lot of troubles on the server side. So this isn't a suitable solution either.

A possible improvement for you would be to catch the exception and replace it by a simple error message. This wouldn't really change anything, but at least your console would be less cluttered. Please send me the complete stack trace of the exception for further analysis.

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Thanks. I've worked around it with log4j settings.


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