Help for running tests with ant for CI server


A couple of months ago the golang plugin had CI tests running using ant.
Unfortunately something got broken in the process and it doesn't seem to be the case anymore as they break. You can find a sample here:
Is there anything that I'm missing in order to have this up and running again?
Or better yet, is there any way to get official support for running automated tests via command line or from CI servers?
Thank you for your time and help.

Kind regards,

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Your CI server is running headless and thus picks up git4idea.test.GitTestRepositoryManager which is defined as <headless-implementation-class> for Git Plugin but is only available in git4idea plugin _test_ classpath which is not included in "normal" classpath of IDE. Quickfix would be to force non-headless build. I will notify responsible developer if there's a better solution.

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Disabling Git Integration plugin should help with this issue.

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Thank you very much. I've ended up disabling all plugins and removing anything that would relate to plugin paths in the ant file and that work. Thank you once again.


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