Maven 2 Plugins for IDEA. Huge?

I have been searching for Maven 2 plugins for IDEA
And I found some..

It seems for me that Maven is such a huge area, that we need to make more mission specific plugins.
Here I can think of the following areas

*1) Maven Build Integration

  • Tools that enables the developer to run Maven2 from IDEA. (Maven 2 Integration rocks here)

Focus for this group could be AGILITY.
(Partly builds, Exploded builds, Debugging jUnit tests etc)

*2) Maven IDEA Integration

  • This is the area of making IDEA developers use Maven projects.

Here maven2's own idea:idea is a starter.
The plugin "Maven Reloaded" also rocks here.

*3) Maven POM tool

  • This is a general UI for pom's. (Not especially IDEA releated)

I have not found a tool yet.
This area is huge it self. Constructing a POM is not that simple...
(Sample: Add artifact xxxx to pom)

*4) Maven Repository tools (query etc)

  • This is probably mostly a QUERY tool.

(Sample: I need class xxxxx what artifact contains it ??)
(Sample: Maintain the settings.xml file)

*5) Maven analyse tools

  • This is PMD like tools,

(Sample: Unused dependencies)
(Sample: Usage of same artifact in different version in same project complex)


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