[ANN] Maven-2 Integration 1.2.2

Available for IDEA 6.0 (note that the plugin does not run under IDEA 5 anymore) through IDEA's built-in plugin manager, directly from IDEA's plugin page or from the homepage http://quebbemann.kicks-ass.net/idea-maven-plugin/download.html

This version is a bugfix release. Please checkout the release notes below and also the documentation on http://quebbemann.kicks-ass.net/idea-maven-plugin


  • Multiple values (separated with spaces) in MAVEN_OPTS env variable causes build failure

  • No possibility to declare JVM options (eg. -Xmx128m)


  • Add "site" phase to list of filtered phases

Any feedback or comments are greatly appreciated.


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Maven filter is very useful for token replace in resource files, can you add option for compiler to implement Maven filter feature? Now I use maven for filtering, but I also make resource directory as source directory in IDEA. If I use IDEA compiler to compile files, tokens in resource files will not be replaced. I think we can add a file choose button to select filter properties file, and it will be used as filter during compiling in IDEA. I think you can take a look at Native2Ascii for implement. http://plugins.intellij.net/plugin/?id=41
Thanks your plugin, now I use it for daily work. :)

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I understand your problem. But in my opinion it depends on the build tool you choose to build your project. Filtering is Maven2 related and of course IDEA doesn't know how to handle this.
So I think the best way to solve this is to choose Maven as your project builder in the Compile/Run options dialog. This is currently not possible but it makes sense to implement this.
Please be patient. The Maven Embedder seems to be the right choice of integrating Maven into IDEA and then compiling/building via enabling a "Use Maven" checkbox should be the best way.

Thanks for your input



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