Plugin development for multiple Jetbrains products


I am developing an open and free plugin for all Intellij, but this plugin should also work for smaller products like webstorm and phpstorm.
I have an Ultimate licence and develop currently against the Community Edition of Community Edition.
But it is important to test the plugin in Webstorm and/or Phpstorm, because there are significant differences if you use Intellij + let say php plugin.
Just to give you two simple examples: JavaVirtualFile works fine with Intellij but is not available in PhpStorm.
Also Phpstorm and Webstorm have another or no understanding of modules.
I need to test the plugin against the real products and not just against Intellij IDEA with php plugin.

Is it possible to get a "plugin developer" licence for the smaller products like phpstorm/webstorm?
Would be nice If I could just reuse my Intellij IDEA licence for them.

Thank you!


You can use trial, then start them for 30 minutes after which they will shutdown, also you can create Plugin SDK from them.
No need for licence.


If your plugin doesn't depend on any language-specific stuff, you can test it with PyCharm Community Edition. If the plugin works with it, it will also work with PhpStorm, WebStorm and other small IDEs.


Yes it does not. Thank you for this hint, will try it!


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