[ANN] Maven-2 Integration 1.2.1

Available for IDEA 6.0 (note that the plugin does not run under IDEA 5 anymore) through IDEA's built-in plugin manager, directly from IDEA's plugin page or from the homepage http://quebbemann.kicks-ass.net/idea-maven-plugin/download.html

This version is a feature and bugfix release. Please checkout the release notes below and also the documentation on http://quebbemann.kicks-ass.net/idea-maven-plugin

In case anybody wonders why there is no version 1.2: The version 1.2 was released 2 days ago, but I decided to implement a better error handling and provide a "Bugfix" release 1.2.1.

Important note:

The Maven Embedder component allows embedding maven into an IDE without having a preinstalled maven. The embedder is faster than using an externally installed maven and allows a better integration into IDEA. Unfortunately the embedder seems to be in a process of redesign and this version of the plugin comes with a snapshot version of the embedder. The use of the embedder is highly experimental and is not recommended yet. You can enable or disable it in the project settings dialog. Use it at your own risk. This option was introduced to give you a feeling of how fast an embedded maven execution is. Feel free to send any bug reports.

Change notes:


  • Environment errror when executing jetty:run goal

  • InvalidDataException when settings.xml contains reference to settings XSD


  • Integrate Maven Embedder (don't require a preinstalled Maven)

  • Provide better error handling (was: NullPointerException when running any phase)

New Feature

  • Show/Edit Maven options in tool window

  • Show/Edit Maven command line options in tool window

  • Provide "Open POM" popup menu entry in Tool Window when POM is selected

  • Allow opening of POMs with double click on POM in Tool Window

  • Have option to filter out uncommonly used phases


  • Update Build documentation

Any feedback or comments are greatly appreciated.


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