Syntactic sugar?

Would it be possible to write a plugin that extends the Java language with new syntax? Here is an example:

Normal if statement

if (value == 0 || value == 1 || value == 7) { ... }

Enhanced if statement

if (value == 0, 1, 7) { ... }

The Java source code on disk wouldn't change. The new syntax would just provide a different view of the underlying if statement.

Possible or not?

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Yes, it's possible. See JavaFoldingBuilderBase in the Community Edition source code for an example. Note that the user will still edit the code in the real Java syntax form; the sugared form will only be shown when the caret is not in the modified code block.

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So better than nothing then. I just feel it would be great to steal features from other languages without having to completely switch to that other language. Call me lazy, but I enjoy the benefits of IDEs in general and IntelliJ in particular. I haven't even tried a different JVM-language supported by IJ. But if there would be a plugin to support a syntactic construction from another language I would definitely use it. E.g we could have had lambdas long before JDK 8.


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