[ANN] NaviActionPad 0.6

After a month without updates here's version 0.6 with a bunch of nice improvements.
Visit http://naviactionpad.beeger.net/ to get an idea of how this plugin works.


  • Now with configuration: You can configure the size of the list

  • When showing the contents of a class, the members of the superclasses can also be shown. With this feature all available members of a class can be seen - not only the members implmented in that class.

  • Navigation points for modules and projects

  • On elements that are not writable - e.g. classes from the libraries - only actions that don't change them are shown.

  • Java class files are skipped during the navigation. Only their contained classes are shown.

  • Navigating into libraries and JDKs is now possible.

  • Action for superclass extracting added.

Know issues:

  • Lack of an icon for the configuration. I'll create an icon for the next version.

  • While you can navigate into a library you cannot navigate out of it. You always get transported to the containing project when leaving the top directory of a library.

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