Re: Mirroring of forum to news:jetbrains.intellij.plugins is broken ?

PS And I don't see your or my post on the forum either - I posted via


Nathan Brown wrote:

Karl, I reckon you're right. The last message before your one I see in
my Thunderbird was posted on the 3rd Dec, but looking at the website
forum there have been quite a few since then.  You say it goes back
months, so I've probably missed loads of messages :(


Karl Tauber wrote:

>> Hi,
>> Is it possible that the mirroring of the Plugins forum
>> ( to news:jetbrains.intellij.plugins
>> is broken since about one or two months ?
>> In Thunderbird, I can only see messages posted to
>> news:jetbrains.intellij.plugins, but not messages posted to the forum.
>> Am I the only one having this problem?
>> Karl

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