Question re: Struts inspections

I've recently upgraded to IDEA 6.0.1, and I'm working on an existing Struts project. Most of the JSPs in the project are full of html:form tags like this:

<html:form action="/">

where the value of the action attribute includes the .do extension. IDEA is flagging this as a error and highlighting it in red. I'd like to change the treatment of this situation so it gets flagged as a warning, or not at all. However, I can't figure out where this inspection is listed. It looks to me like the Struts Assistant inspections apply to the Struts config files, but I can't find any Struts-related inspections for JSPs. What am I missing?


Hello Tim,

this can't be changed in settings.

I suggest you perform a global search&replace on your JSPs to remove the ".do". I highly discourage including the extension since it will break your app whenever you have to remap the ActionServlet to some other extension or to path mapping.




Hi Yann,

I understand why it would be a good idea to remove the .do extension from my html:form tags, and I may very well end up doing just that.

However, most of the inspections supported by IDEA are there to point out things that would be a good idea, and IDEA still lets me turn off the ones I'd prefer not to be nagged about. I didn't realize there were inspections that couldn't be turned off - are there a lot of these?



Indeed the highlighting is not triggered from an inspection, but from a lower-level mechanism which cannot be configured.

Feel free to file a RFE for allowing to include the ActionServlet's extension at


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