Plugin installation help

I'm using IntelliJ 4.0. I'd like to install the plugin ReferenceScanner.

When updating my available plugins via the Settings | Plugins, I do not get ReferenceScanner in the list. The list contains 133 items. The web site says there are more than 300 plugins. The ReferenceScanner plugin indicates that it is valid for 4.0.

How do I get the plugin installed?
What is the plugin going to do for me?

If I can get it installed, the next question will be how do I get it to work. My run/debug configuration is set up to run my application, and I can't figure out how to run my application AND the ReferenceScanner.

I've already downloaded the Reference Scanner utility and added its .jar file to my lib path. When I open the browser and use localhost:4040, I get "The page cannot be displayed". I simply need the steps to get these things to work together.

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