[ANN] Maven-2 Integration 1.1

Available for IDEA 5.0 & 6.0 through IDEA's built-in plugin manager, directly from IDEA's plugin page or from the homepage http://quebbemann.kicks-ass.net/idea-maven-plugin/download.html

This version is a feature and bugfix release. Please checkout the release notes below and also the updated documentation on http://quebbemann.kicks-ass.net/idea-maven-plugin/usage.html

Important note:

Before version 1.1 of the plugin, Maven was called via the start script provided with the normal Maven installation. In order to get better access to the running Maven process Maven now is called directly by starting a Java process. This for example allows terminating the running Maven process by the user.

Change notes:


  • Sorting of goals should not move Phases node from top position

  • Spaces in pathname of POM file causes build failure


  • Replace "Path to Maven-2 script" setting with "Path to Maven-2 home directory"

New Feature

  • Add a "Cancel Build" button to the build output window

  • Add a "Close Output" button to build output window

  • Add a "Pause Output" button to build output window

  • Add a "Rerun Maven" button to build output window


  • Remove references to non-public Maven repository

Any feedback or comments are greatly appreciated.


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