How to make Clearcase plugin working under Demetra?

Hello All

I have been having persistent problems with Clearcase integration since I have installed IDEA 6.0 (both EAP and release versions are affected).

First of all, file statuses are not displayed anymore.
Whenever I try to perform a file operation (e.g. check out a file), I get the following exception:

I am using dynamic views and the plugin is configured to use "NativeClearCase" implementation.
I have already removed FileWatcher??.dll files from idea/bin directory, because they were causing horrible delays during synchronisation. What else can be done?

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Am I the only miserable one?

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Nope, I've raised it as well.
It only happens when you have 2 or more clearcase enabled projects open during an idea session. Only way around it - shutdown idea between projects.

Unfortunately it's not fixed yet or scheduled for any particular release.

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I'm chiming in here with a "me too" entry.

In general, the clearcase plugin "mostly" works under 6.0.x, but just not enough for us to upgrade. The main problem is, like Sergei mentioned above, the file statuses no longer work. As soon as you do a save-all (or a re-build/compile), the blue text on tabs indicating changed files gets reset to black. This is very disorienting to me and to our other developers who rely on knowing at a glance which files they are currently working on. Before, all checked-out files would remain blue until they were checked in again (or un-checked-out).

I think if we could just get the file status problem fixed, we'd upgrade. But until then, we're sticking with 5.x. I'll be watching this thread for any developments!

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I've noticed this problem as well. I think there are a few related bugs in JIRA, and hare a number of threads around this as well:

I guess the main problem is there is no active maintainer. Here is the plugin website:



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